The miracle baby that brought his mother out of a coma

The miracle baby that brought his mother out of a coma

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Our day-to-day lives are full of tragic, sad, bitter news ... Information that makes our stomach and our hearts shrink through the media. But, from time to time, they also appear those news that make us smile, get excited, feel happiness for others.

This is one of them. It is the demonstration that the bond between mother and baby has an unimaginable power, this is the case of miracle baby that brought his mother out of a coma.

Amelia Bannan worked as a policeman at the San Pedro Women's Police Station (Misiones, Argentina), she was 5 months pregnant and traveled in a car with several colleagues from her police station to Posadas. Another driver collided with them and the car crashed. Of the five occupants, only she was injured.

Amelia suffered a brain trauma that produced a clot and was left in a coma. Two months after the accident, at 34 weeks pregnant, the baby was born by caesarean section at the Hospital Escuela de Agudos de Posadas. Amelia was still in a coma but her family made a decision that has been fundamental in her recovery: They decided that the baby should spend as much time as possible with his mother.

Photo: Cesar Bannan

César, Amelia's brother, has been recounting from his Facebook page what has happened since the baby was born. As he relates, Amelia was not in a deep coma and he had some reactions when his family approached, opened his eyes, squeezed their hands and tried to communicate, but could not speak.

That is why they decided to bring him closer to his baby on a regular basis, put him skin to skin, let him hear him cry, feel him close. This encouragement had its reward, the baby achieved the miracle that his mother came out of the coma. Four months after the accident, Amelia began to move more, trying to hold her baby, kiss him, caress him, cover him, and even tried to answer questions.

Amelia continues in her recovery process, works hard to continue recovering her functions and is monitored to avoid setbacks. She has a hard and long road ahead but she has a great motivation: her little baby. His family continues to stimulate the bond between them, they carry their baby every day so that he can be held on his breast. César, her brother, continues to share Amelia's progress on social media. You want to convey to other people in a similar situation that the miracle is possible in a case of coma and you never have to give up.

The act of holding the baby in the arms, looking at him, rocking him, singing to him, kissing him, feeding him or caressing him are all bonding experiences. They stimulate and generate attachment between the mother and her baby.

It seems very obvious to say it but you have to generate many of these experiences from the very birth, it is about fostering positive contact. Why? All these gestures have a direct impact on the baby's brain, produce responses that directly affect the physical, social and, above all, emotional development of the child. They will affect your behavior in a very positive way forever.

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