The salary of a mother who works at home

The salary of a mother who works at home

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Cooking, cleaning, scrubbing, ironing, doing laundry, shopping, bathing the children, picking up clothes, vacuuming, reviewing homework with the children, taking them to the park ... How much money do you think they should pay? to a mother for working at home? The answer already has a figure: 73,960 dollars a year (69,824 euros). That is, mothers who work at home should earn about $ 6,100 per month (5700 euros per month).

What do not you believe? Well, it is fully documented. The architect of this calculation is not a minister, nor a banker: he is a father who is aware of the work his wife does at home every day.

It does not matter if it is the mother or the father. The idea is to calculate how much daily work costs at home and with the children. If everything a housewife mother does at home (or father, if he is the one who takes care of the house) had to pay for herself, the figure would leave more than one jaw dropping.

Well this is what he did Steven, a dad very proud of his wife, Glory, who decided to quit her job and take care of all the household chores before paying for a full-time nanny. Steven quantified the result and broke it down by task. He opened a blog: 'We are Glory (' We are Glory ') and published his analysis. For example, you added all these tasks:

- Housekeeping: $ 50 to $ 100 per service (minimum, once a week).

- Laundry service: $ 25 a week.

- Personal shopper (grocery shopping, clothing, miscellaneous errands ...): $ 65 per hour.

- Chef (Kitchen): $ 240 a week.

- Attendance tasks (helps with homework, treating children's wounds ...): $ 75 per hour.

The truth is that there are many of us who identify with Gloria, the protagonist of this story. Whether or not they work at home, work outside and inside the home ... mothers show inexhaustible energy every day. Because in reality, there is no single mother.

There is the thrifty mom, the psychologist mom, the nurse mom, the cheerleader mom, the cook mom, the driver mom, analyst, cleaner ... Being a mom is more than a profession, a multitasking profession. And although things have fortunately changed (and parents now help much more than before with household chores), make no mistake, a mother is still a mother.

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