What to do so that children do not fight in the car

What to do so that children do not fight in the car

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If travel can be stressful, in some cases it can be even more so if we travel with children. For them, the fact of sitting for a more or less long period of time without anything to do can become terrible due to the boredom it causes, which leads them to use their childish tricks to get out of that state.

How do they usually do it? Well, protesting, kicking the seat, fighting with his brothers, yelling ... in short, drawing attention to get distracted. On our site we tell you how to appease them and what to do so that children do not fight in the car.

To avoid these situations, especially on long trips, we suggest you travel as long as possible at night, since it helps children fall asleep on the trip, but if this is not possible or if even traveling at night you can get them to relax during the trip. we propose a series of ideas that will liven up your trips with children, preventing them from getting bored and fighting during the journey and the inevitable and repetitive: 'but when do we get there?'

1- Almost indispensable are the cartoons that we can put on the DVD reader or on the tablet. Collect the movies or series that you like the most to have part of the trip covered with your attention. In addition, these devices incorporate an access for helmets so that children can concentrate on the drawings while the parents are attentive to the road.

2.- A classic that the little ones always like is that each one takes care of find cars of one color To count how many you see during the trip, focusing on this task can prevent clashes.

3- The guessing game 'I see, I see' is also very fun and practical for these situations.

4- You can play chained words the syllable of the word must be the syllable the new word begins with. For example 'daisy-stem-rain' and so on.

5- Bring stories for the trip It can also serve as a tool to avoid boredom, although in some cases it can cause dizziness in children.

6- Some vehicles already incorporate trays in the back of the pilot's and passenger's seats. For those who do not have it incorporated, there are also portable cloth trays that are attached to the back of the front seats, and that allow children to Bring coloring books during the trip.

7- Another trick is to carry magnetic travel games that allow the game despite being in motion without the pieces falling, and that allow the brothers to go around the board to share the moves.

8- Put children's music that the little ones like to distract them during the trip.

9- Make up a story or song together Being a participatory activity it can also help children to be distracted during the journey.

10- Place some foam dividers between child seats it can be effective in avoiding eye and physical contact, thus also avoiding fights between them during car trips.

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