Delivering a baby weighing more than 6 kilos without an epidural is possible

Delivering a baby weighing more than 6 kilos without an epidural is possible

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Maybe you are one of those mothers surprised by the weight of their son when he was born. Maybe the 4 kg it weighed seemed a lot to you. Maybe. But when you know the case of this woman and her newborn, you will think differently. We tell you the story of Natashia, mother of a baby who came into the world weighing more than 6 kilos. Yes: giving birth to a baby weighing more than 6 kilos (and without an epidural) is possible.

Little Brian Jr (his father is also named Brian), or rather, the great baby Brian, left everyone surprised. When weighing him, the scale marked more than 6 kilos of weight. The length? 57 centimeters. That is, about the weight and length of a 5-month-old baby. The question that every mother asks herself at this time is: Was it not a natural birth? The surprising answer is yes.

Natashia, from Melbourne (Australia) She acknowledges that she dreamed of her baby before delivery and that she knew it was going to be big. A premonitory dream, because not even the last ultrasound was able to predict such magnitude, although they did warn her that her baby was well above average. Before the first labor contractions, the proud mother went to Mercy Hospital (Melbourne). She was already 40 weeks and 5 days old.

At the time of delivery, Natasha decided not to use the epidural, and they used an anesthetic gas. Despite the pain, the mother (who is not a newcomer, since she has three more children), concentrated and took a deep breath. To cope with the contractions, she thought positive things. By the time of the expulsion, the hospital staff had to call in two more members to reinforce the team. Natasha's first words upon seeing her offspring was, 'Oh baby!'

The normal weight of a full-term baby is considered to be 3 to 3.5 kg. The older a baby is, the more likely the delivery will be problematic. But ... why are there babies that are born so big?

1. Gestational or familial diabetes: There can be cases of diabetes from the mother that the baby inherits or from a specific moment of gestational diabetes from the mother (it is a type of diabetes that occurs only during pregnancy). In both cases, the baby grows bigger and fatter much more easily before birth.

2. Gestational age: It is considered that a pregnancy is already full term in the 40th week of pregnancy, although the baby can be born without problems from the 38th week. The more days that pass after the day indicated as the probable date of delivery, the more chances that the baby will gain weight and grow inside the uterus more than necessary.

3. Excessive thickness of the placenta: The placenta can also indicate that a baby will be born weighing more than normal. In many cases of large babies it has been found that there was a greater than normal thickness of the placenta.

4. Genetic factor: From very large parents it may be the case that very large babies are born. This factor is considered by doctors as less worrisome.

5. Excess weight gain in pregnant women: A pregnant woman should gain between 11 and 16 kilos. If you gain too much weight, it can negatively affect your newborn's weight.

It is as bad for a baby to be born underweight as it is to be born with too much weight. A baby born with more than 4 kilos of weight will be observed in more detail, since it may present some health problem (in addition to adding more risk at the time of delivery):

- Shoulder dystocia: During delivery, some babies can suffer a shoulder injury. It is more normal for it to occur in very large babies. It requires the use of surgical instruments during delivery.

- Respiratory problems: Many overweight babies from birth have more respiratory problems than other newborns.

- Hypoglycemia: It occurs in cases of babies who were born larger because of the mother's diabetes.

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