Why the baby should not use pillow to sleep

Why the baby should not use pillow to sleep

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For adults, sleeping without a pillow seems almost unthinkable but the use of it in babies is totally contraindicated. Physically his head is much larger than his body so it is not babies have that need to use the pillow to be able to rest in a pleasant way during sleep.

Although most of the sets of sheets for both the crib and the stroller include a pillowcase, it is proven that their use in babies is very harmful and can even cause death.

Why should the baby not use a pillow to sleep? There are 3 compelling reasons for this:

1- May cause Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, since if we put a pillow on the baby and it lies on its stomach during sleep, it will not be able to roll over, causing it to suffocate. The same happens with cushions or stuffed animals that should be avoided in the baby's resting place.

2- The use of the pillow prevents a natural alignment of the baby's back since the natural curvature of the neck is forced, because they have a small neck and the head is proportionally larger than the rest of the body.

3- The baby would find it very uncomfortable sleeping with a pillow which would impair your rest.

For babies who need to sleep upright due to respiratory problems, or due to gastroesophageal reflux disease, it is recommended to raise the mattress to allow the head and upper torso to be higher than the rest of the body, thus avoiding the use of pillows.

Pediatricians, except for cushions for postural plagiocephaly, which are adapted to babies, recommend avoid using the pillow until two years of age, and from that age they advise using very thin, low-height pillows that are the same length as the bed and that incorporate covers so that they can be washed often.

From a physiological point of view, the most appropriate thing is for the child to use a pillow when his shoulders are wider than his head, in this way, his head, neck and back would be aligned.

In any case, there are children who tend to move a lot during their sleep, so the pillow can stay on top of their head and prevent them from breathing properly. In these cases, it is best to sleep on the mattress without the help of a pillow to lift your head.

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