Bunny-shaped buns. Decorated desserts for children

Bunny-shaped buns. Decorated desserts for children

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We already know that the best way for children with little appetite to eat is to present the dishes in an original way. There are many ways in which we can decorate children's food, today we propose an ideal recipe for Easter or spring.

To do these bunny buns you can choose the bread recipe that you like the most. Here we leave one, but you can adapt it to the tastes of your little ones, and decorate your buns with nuts or chocolate, they are perfect for children's snacks!

  • 300 gr. strength flour
  • 15 gr. fresh yeast
  • 45 gr. of butter
  • 175 ml. milk
  • 30 gr. of sugar
  • 5 gr. of salt
  • 1 egg (+ 1 yolk to decorate)
  • Raisins or chocolate chips for the eyes

1. Put all the ingredients, except the butter, in a large bowl. Beat until well blended.

2. Remove the dough from the bowl and knead on a floured surface for about five minutes. Add the butter and continue kneading for another ten minutes. Form a ball and let it rest in an oiled bowl covered with a cloth for an hour, until it doubles in volume.

3. Preheat the oven to 200ºC. Remove the dough from the bowl and degas it by flattening it slightly with your fingers.

4. Form equal portions (they can come out between 12 and 16 depending on the size we want). Make a ball with each one and give it an elongated shape. To make the ears, take some sharp scissors and place them on the top of the bun, near one end. Introduce the split ends and make a cut without reaching the end, lifting the cut dough slightly. Let stand 15 minutes.

5. Stick the chocolate chips or raisins with a little water to make the eyes. Brush the buns with the egg yolk and bake for 10-15 minutes, until golden brown. Take out and let cool.

The Children's Guide trick: Cut an ajero at the base of the bun and fill it with jam or chocolate cream. Put it back on, it will be a sweet surprise!

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