Bedwetting is the worst trauma for a child

Bedwetting is the worst trauma for a child

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The bedwetting child urinates in bed during sleep and wakes up at night completely wet. Although experts affirm that this disease has a cure and rapid treatment based on educational therapy and pharmacological support, it continues to be one of the great problems that many families still face in silence.

The involuntary loss of urine during the night today affects between 15 and 20 percent of five-year-old Spanish children, which represents an average of 450 thousand minors, 10 percent of seven-year-old children, and even 3 percent of adults.

According to specialists, most children and families affected by enuresis do not go to the doctor. They prefer to hide the problem, so it is estimated that 70 percent of cases are misdiagnosed. As long as the parents of children with enuresis do not assume the situation and seek help for their child, it will be much more difficult for the enuresis to be treated.

It is very common to intolerance of parents when their child wets the bed over and over again. It does not anticipate anything if every time the child wets the bed, he has to listen to his parents reproaches:

"I can't believe you peed on the bed again!"

- Aren't you ashamed to wet the bed?

- How do you pee again in bed I'll tell all your friends.

These are just some of the phrases that parents say and that hurt a child's self-esteem so much. Can you imagine what the children feel in these moments? What traumas the parents may be creating in them?

Children with enuresis, who do not receive support from their parents and due treatment, can have emotional and psychological consequences, such as:

- Feelings of guilt

- Feelings of frustration and humiliation

- Feelings of marginalization

- Low self-esteem. They believe they are inferior to other children

- Feelings of dissatisfaction and discouragement

- Anxiety, stress and depression

- Isolation and difficulty in relating to others

- Changes in your behavior or conduct

So that the child with enuresis is not in this situation, it is necessary that he has the support of his parents and the help of a specialized professional.

Enuresis is a health problem and only 10 percent of the cases are related to psychological problems and that can be cured with drug treatment and educational measures. According to experts, enuresis is the most traumatic event after divorce and fights between the child's parents, and it usually affects boys twice as much as girls. It is a problem that seriously affects the self-esteem and social behavior of children, as well as the pockets of many families. A study figures in 1,200 euros a year, the expense derived from washing sheets, changing mattresses and diapers.

Although in 90 percent of the cases its origin is multifactorial and may be due to hormonal problems or lack of maturation of the pathways related to the control of urination, almost eight percent is related to other health problems, such as onset of childhood diabetes. Still, bedwetting is totally preventable and curable.

The bell Control and Prevention of Enuresis will seek this year, with various initiatives, to make the population aware that enuresis is a health problem, controllable and preventable through educational programs that teach children to control urination from the age of two, and drugs in certain cases . He will also try to "educate" parents to help their child prevent and control this disease. Experts recommend, among other things, not abusing diapers, rationing drinks during the afternoon and evening and educating your children about urination habits.

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