Children who speak disjointedly and are difficult to understand

Children who speak disjointedly and are difficult to understand

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There are children whose thinking goes faster than speech, and they speaking badly, in a disjointed way and it is difficult to understand them, When is it a problem?

Many times we hear moms and dads say that their children think faster than they speak, and there comes a time when they are not understood. To what extent is this so? Is this a problem in language?

When the child speaks in a hurried way and is not understood

Language development in children goes through a series of phases or stages that do not occur in all children the same way. Although the appearance and development of language occurs with remarkable regularity, it is influenced by environmental and maturational factors or both, so there are children who learn earlier than others, without this signifying a problem or delay.

It may happen that when the child does not have enough resources in the level of oral expression, the child does not know very well how to organize and express his / her ideas and thoughts and may give off speechdisorganized, and sometimes you don't really understand what you mean.

We must take into account the age of the child, it is not the same that this happens to a 4-year-old child than to a 7-year-old child. Therefore, we must understand how language develops in the child, on what pillars it is supports, and how it evolves in relation to other skills and abilities.

Around 4-5 years, it is assumed that children have already acquired a certain level of vocabulary, use sentences with complex structures, adjust the language to the context and the interlocutor, have already acquired all the phonemes, etc ... In order to talk about a problem or difficulty in speech, we have to take into account other aspects and factors such as the child's developmental level.

There may be a time when there is a dyssynchrony in the little ones, in which their thinking goes faster and is more complex than they are able to speak, and there can be a hasty speech, they repeat words, and sometimes they are not understood. But this is not a problem, it is something evolutionary and with time this happens. The role of parents is fundamental, be patient, do not scold them or tell them that they are not understood, take into account that young children speak badly many times, do not speak to them with childish language, help them organize their speech, etc ...

Therefore, we can talk about certain difficulties that are characteristic of the child's evolutionary development, but when these persist, perhaps we are faced with a specific problem or difficulty in language, (dyslalia, dysphemia or stuttering, SLI, language delay ... .), or it may be related to some other type of difficulty (ADHD, high abilities, maturational delay ...) and will have to be analyzed and evaluated by the appropriate professionals.

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