This is how children read. Reading in childhood

This is how children read. Reading in childhood

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Beautiful and tender photographs of children reading stories and books


Maite has sent us this nice and funny photo of her son reading ... in the toilet! And it is that, any place is good to abstract oneself and immerse oneself in the stories that the books tell us.

Nancy has sent us this photo of her precious baby looking spellbound at the pictures of a story. You may not understand what is being read to you, you may not remember the story when you are older, but the pictures powerfully attract your attention and is a great way to make you fond of reading from the early stages of his life.

Have you seen the happy face of this baby? The stories provide children with great moments of emotion and feelings and are a perfect source to stimulate the imagination and creativity of the little ones.

In this beautiful photo we can see Franchesca, 7 years old, reading a princess story. His mother Marita sent us this image to participate in the draw 'This is how children read' on the occasion of the Day of the book.

Each child ends up finding their favorite type of reading. Some opt for classic stories, others for adventure books and there are even those who go crazy with craft books, like Matthew, 5, who we see in the image very interested in learning how to make a paper boat.

Vianey, mother of this beautiful 29-month-old girl named Angélica, sent us this funny photo to participate in the contest 'This is how children read' in which we can see how the girl carefully devours an airline brochure. Her mother told us: 'It is a pleasure as a mother, to see my daughter participate in a cultural event that encourages the habit of reading!'

In this funny photo, three generations of the same family read together. Little Mateo, 1 year and two months old, appears with his father and grandfather while reading a story and is that the reading habit it has to be fostered from the earliest ages.

Francisco, father of this beautiful 7-year-old girl named Krystal, has sent us this beautiful mosaic of images in which we can see different moments of the girl reading stories. The reading for children 6 to 10 years It must be very varied so that they try different themes and formats that determine their tastes.

Paulina decided to send us this funny photo of her little 2-year-old Gaspar to participate in the contest 'This is how children read' because, as can be seen in the image, the baby takes advantage of any place and time to dedicate himself to the pleasure of reading . If you also want to promote the habit of reading in your children, you will want to know the books best suited for children between 1 and 3 years.

Snow White is a classic tale that generations and generations of children have read. But Julia, 4, loves to dress up as a princess to live the moment of reading with more intensity. And is that, reading must be a pleasure, a magical moment and an enjoyment to make the little ones love.

A great time to read stories to children it is before going to sleep. Parents can take the opportunity to spend quality time with our children and help them sleep with magical stories that make them dream and have sweet dreams. This is what 2-year-old Natalia does with her cloth book just before getting into bed.

This little princess is called Isabella and she has two great passions: ballet and stories. She is only 2 years old and 9 months old but she always has a book in her hands, according to her mother Mariela. Something very important is bring books to childrenEven if they can't read, we will create great readers.

This charming girl, who is only one year old and 8 months old, is called Micaela, and she already has her own reading corner. How can you see in the photo that her mother Verónica sent us to participate in the raffle 'This is how children read', she is fascinated with stories with images. And it is that, even if they cannot read, it is convenient to bring the little ones closer, between 0 and 3 years to literature.

Beautiful and tender photo! In it we can see Veronica, 9, who is already an amateur reader, how she reads a story to her little brother Samuel, 6 months old.

We can appreciate how the baby looks at her enthralled and very attentive, and it is that Verónica is sure to be a wonderful storyteller.

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