Children's capoeira. Multicultural sport for children

Children's capoeira. Multicultural sport for children

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More and more children are choosing capoeira to practice a sport. In reality, capoeira is much more than a sport, it is a Brazilian cultural manifestation that mixes art and fighting, and that in practice is performed under the sound of musical instruments such as the berimbau (photo), the tambourine and the atabaque. It is also a mixture of different customs and expressions such as fighting, dancing, rhythms, acrobatics, etc., confronted with each other.

The history of capoeira dates back to the 16th century, the period of colonization of Brazil by Portugal and arose as an attempt at revolution by black slaves (brought from Africa) against the control of the colonizers. The techniques began to be formed, possibly, from African lands and later they finished organizing and evolving in Brazil.

The slave guard was forbidden for blacks in the 'senzalas' (place where they lived and slept), from exercising in a way different from any forced labor, but they did not care to intervene in their cultural rituals. The slaves hid the fight in the dances and that is how they created capoeira, a mixture of dance and music, which has lasted for many years.

Since 1972, capoeira has been named a sport and an official technical regulation was drafted and approved by the Parliament of Deputies in Brazil. At present, it is the second most practiced sport by Brazilians after soccer and is present all over the world, with approximately 20 million practitioners.

In addition to physical exercise, capoeira brings other skills such as playing instruments, singing and dancing. Among the many benefits it can bring to children, capoeira also stimulates coordination, rhythm, body expression, memory, posture, group work, integration, disinhibition, balance, agility and perception of space.

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