10 things you didn't know about childhood autism

10 things you didn't know about childhood autism

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There is a lot of misinformation about autism and erroneous beliefs that we must definitely banish. Since We want to clarify certain doubts that still exist today about this disorder, and for this we have requested the collaboration of parents and experts from the Autism Federation Madrid (Spain).

Here are some of the myths that exist about children with autism and its appropriate corrections.

1. Autism is not a disease. Autism is not a disease, but a disorder that affects three important areas: the area of ​​communication, the area of ​​behavior and the area of ​​social relationships.

2. Children with autism are not in a 'distant world'. Autism is not dark or distant. Children with autism are not in another world or isolated. The only thing is that they communicate differently. They do not usually use words, but images or pictograms. It is true that children with autism do not usually fix their eyes when they speak, and they hardly use words, but it does not mean that they are in a 'distant world'.

3. Children with autism are not traumatized if you touch them. Children with autism can be very loving. There are less loving children with autism and others more. What I know is that their social skills are impaired, but not that they cannot express their feelings.

4. Children with autism are not all the same. No child with autism is the same as the other. Each one has its particularities, since autism affects three different areas to different degrees: a child with autism may have more communication problems but less behavior, and another may have more problems in the area of ​​social relationships. .. Childhood autism is like colors: the same color can have different shades.

5. A child is born with autism. The origin has a clear genetic component (which does not mean that it has to be hereditary). It may be due to a genetic mutation before the baby is born. It is not known why, but it happens. The child already has autism from birth, although it cannot be diagnosed until later. At the moment it cannot be diagnosed from pregnancy. What is known is that more boys than girls are born with autism. In fact, for every four boys with autism, a girl with autism is born.

6. The Asperger's is autism. The Asperger is on the autism spectrum. What happens is that it has some peculiarities, but it is considered autism. Within the autism spectrum, there are many, many hues, and Asperger's is one of these hues. Children with Asperger's are children with autism with great potential. The learning ability of children with Asperger's can be very good. But these children may see their social abilities diminished.

7. Children with autism do communicate. Children with autism do communicate, but in a different way. They make more use of concrete images, signs, pictograms and sounds.

8. Children with autism can (and should) go to school. Sure they can go to school. They can go to schools with special modalities for children with autism or to ordinary schools of inclusion, with classrooms that have educational support and reinforcement. There are many options for children to go to school, although it is true that there is a lack of training among teachers.

9. Autism is not cured with a pill. To this day there is no cure for autism. Neither are magic formulas that can eliminate it. The only thing that exists are personalized therapies to improve the quality of life of children with autism.

10. Celiac disease cannot create autism. It is not like this. Children with autism have problems with eating, but it does not mean that a gluten or lactose intolerance can lead to autism. There is no scientific proof of the relationship between gluten and autism. Eating disorders do exist, because children with autism are very selective. They are also with food.

Source: Laura Hijosa and José Antonio Meleno (Madrid Autism Federation)

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