Tricks for the baby to position himself to be born

Tricks for the baby to position himself to be born

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The easiest position for the birth of the baby is when he is head down, that is, in a cephalad position. Your head, therefore, will be the first thing to come out. Most babies acquire this position at the end of pregnancy and it is the most common to be born. There are other positions that the baby can adopt, such as breech, in which case a cesarean section is usually performed.

To make delivery easier and prevent complications, in We give you a series of home tricks that you can put into practice in case the moment of birth is approaching and your baby has not yet turned upside down.

Some professionals perform certain maneuvers to place the baby in the correct position for birth, however, it is a practice discouraged by many obstetricians. There are other less invasive means for the mother and the baby and that anyone can perform:

- Standing up as long as possible and walk daily. If you work sitting down, it is a good idea to get up from time to time and go for a walk.

- Practice swimming- A flotation board helps the uterus rest and the baby has a little more room to turn.

- During labor, it helps to rock the pelvis or lean forward to help the baby roll over.

- Balance on a pilates ball It helps the pelvis to be more free and the baby has more space.

- Babies can perceive intense light coming from outside. The light impulse of a flashlight that moves from the abdomen towards the pubis prompts the baby to follow it.

- The doggy position carried out on the floor, with hands and knees supported, helps the baby to separate from the spine and gain space to turn.

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